Paris produced films

In addition to the hands-on video production learning experience and the behind-the-scenes preparation and introduction to museum heritage curation, the workshop delivered 12 short films, inspired by museum’s collection.

It was great, and stressful, at the same time. I really enjoyed the dynamic of the process Amine

The films tackle subjects inspired by famous French personalities, some from the French revolution, like Robespierre and Danton; the Jacobin in Hell; and the famous Bastille prisoner Henri Masers; costumes (Louis XVI); and particular rooms and spaces within the museum - the garden designed in the 19th century, and the Golden Salon. It is interesting to note that the 1789 Declaration of the Rights of Man and of Citizen was used by 2 participants to make a point on French contradictions (current or past) in terms of respect for human rights.



The Paris workshop was made possible thanks to funding from the European Cultural Foundation and the Mairie de Paris, Label Paris Europe. Manifesta and Tribudom are extremely grateful for the assistance provided by the Musee Carnavalet directorate and gallery staff.

Paris Workshop Creative Team: Ludovic RivalanDelphine DumontJulien NesmesNicolas Peltier

Paris Workshop Coordinators: Mona Abdel Hadi; Lucie Asathal; Claire Diao; Mickaël Lepers; Mathilde Rouet

Paris Induction leader: Su Tomesen

Post-production, title sequence, design and subtitles: Matthew Thomas

Project Director: Marion Vargaftig

Breaking into the Museum is a Manifesta initiative, devised and led by Marion Vargaftig and Colin Prescod

I was struck by the patience and kindness of the project team, and also the museum personnel. It was fascinating to see the diversity of the ideas that came up and the participants were all motivated, as well as working together. Meghanne
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