Breaking into the Museum in Paris

Breaking into the Museum (A l’Assaut du Musée) took place in Paris. The workshop was led by French partner Tribudom, a collective made of artists, musicians, creative film-makers and technicians in Paris.

A group of 12 young people recruited from the 20th arrondissement in the north of Paris and the neighbouring suburbs 'broke into' the Musée Carnavalet, Paris city museum located in the centre of Paris. The young participants first familiarised themselves with the Musée Carnavalet collection by participating in a pre-workshop visit to the museum. This was also the occasion for each of them to select a particular piece or theme from the collection, on which they would focus during the workshop.
I learnt a lot by looking at other participants’ work. The workshop was very creative, also very intensive. I discovered how Paris was, in pastimes, and I found creating a narrative very interesting. Leslie

For the purposes of the project, and given the size of the museum, the French team decided to limit the visit and selection to the late 18th century French revolution and Commune and the iron work and store brands galleries.

It was brilliant! I was surprised to see how a very small thing can completely change a film – we have to do with what we have… What I preferred most was accessing museum galleries which were closed to the public.  Louise

Located in the Marais in teh third arrondissement, the Musée Carnavalet, which opened in 1880, chronicles the heritage and history of Paris, from its origins to today. The Hôtel Carnavalet, after which the museum is named, was once the home of Madame de Sévigné, who wrote a series of famous letters to her daughter. The museum is housed in two mansions built in the 11th and 17th centuries.

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