The young participants

The young participants were recruited with and through theĀ Octavia Foundation and St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College in the Ladbroke Grove/North Kensington area.

Approximately a third of them had in the past participated in Octavia Foundation youth projects, working collaboratively on research and filming; and another third were engaged in film and media studies at the St Charles Sixth Form College. However, for all of them, this was the first time that they had an opportunity to make their own individual film.

'This project has been a powerful experience for every young person who stepped up for the project. From the initial briefing, research and training through to the wonderful screenings and seminars at the end of the process each of the film-makers has been on a journey of discovery into her/his history, the museum, videography, the self and others.'
Andrew Jones, Head of Media Studies, St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College

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