Sep 11, 2017

The Bertelsmann Foundation is currently looking for outstanding initiatives/approaches who offer innovative solutions to urgent societal challenges on the theme  ‘Living Together in A Culturally Diverse Society’. They identified 2 Manifesta initiatives that they wanted to explore: Belonging (London, Paris and Lisbon) and In My Footsteps (London). 

Jun 1, 2016
We are currently gathering feedback on the In My Footsteps app in order to improve it. Please take 5 minutes to answer a few questions.
Mar 20, 2016

Step by step is a multi-disciplinary series of seminar bringing together artists and researchers from across disciplines whose work uses, addresses, results in, or engages with walking.

This year’s first Step by Step will focus on issues of walking and migration, and feature Dr. Göze Saner (Goldsmiths); Marion Vargaftig (Manifesta); and Dr. Georgie Wemyss (University of East London). 

Oct 12, 2015
Following the successful launch of the in My Footsteps App in March 2015, the London Metropolitan Archives invited Marion Vargaftig to present the project, as part of the History from Elsewhere Symposium. In March 2016, she will also contribute to a seminar on organised by the University of East London.
Jun 6, 2015
Following an amazing launch on 19 March, we've received some very good reviews, in particular from the Londonist. The community Channel came and filmed. The result is a short film,  which was also broadcast on London Live.
Apr 15, 2014
On 4 and 5 April 2014, the French Minister of Culture Aurelie Filipetti convened a European Forum to discuss the future of Culture and Europe in the presence of 20 ministers of culture from Europe, artists, thinkers, institutions and policy makers. Marion Vargaftig was invited to contribute to this Forum, as part of a round table on Europe, education and culture.
Feb 24, 2014
On 23 January, Manifesta was invited to present its work at this BFI conference, focusing on practice, innovation and policies. More information is available here
Oct 13, 2011

We can announce that the 'Breaking into the Museum' films are permanently anchored within the Galleries of Modern London in the Museum of London, thanks to the use of QR Codes captions which have been added to each exhibit on which the young participants decided to focus in their films. From now on, when looking at the object in question, the public will be encouraged to upload the films, by scanning with their smart phone the QR Code placed alongside the exhibit. See Press Release here

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