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'Breaking into the Museum'
is a project designed to engage young people in a participatory exercise around history, heritage and the function of museums in contemporary culture.

Guided by museum personnel and a workshop team, the young people first familiarised themselves with the new Galleries of Modern London at the Museum of London. After choosing a particular object or theme on which their film would focus, each of the young people researched their subject and reflected on possible narratives, to finally make his/her own film, in five days.

The workshop delivered hands-on tuition in the principle of film-making - handling camera and sound, story-boarding, shooting and editing.

The chosen objects selected by the young people are available here.

The subjects of the films made by the young participants in relation to their chosen object range across race and class discrimination; classification and categorization; migration; Black and other political struggles like the late 20th century Brixton and Poll Tax riots; the Asian presence in London; women’s rights.

Thanks to a partnership with TrueTube, a TrueTube curriculum writer was commissioned to produce lesson plans, using some of the films produced during 'Breaking into the Museum'.

The result is a series of lessons specifically designed, on Immigration, on Multicultural Britain, and on Racism in Britain -- using a selection of the films. Together, the film selection and the lessons contribute to a curriculum experience aimed at young people in Key Stage 4, as part of Citizenship, Religious, Personal, Social and Health Education.

The lesson plans and associated films are uploaded and available for free on TrueTube website, and thus will be promoted widely to schools and teachers.

Launched in 2007, TrueTube has hundreds of short films on moral, social and ethical issues, made by young people, and accompanied by lesson plans to support their use in the classroom.

TrueTube is a free, award winning education site for schools with video, lesson plans and assembly plans for Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), Religious Education (RE) and Citizenship at key stage 3 and 4. The site currently receives more than one million hits per month across 130 countries.You can also visit TrueTube  website for more information.

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