The produced films

The young participants filmed both inside the museum, in the Galleries of Modern London, as well as outside, in different London boroughs, according to the requirement of each film.

The 14 films produced provide a slate of challenging statements from young people aged 16 to 19 and from a diversity of cultural backgrounds - about how they experience museum collections, as well as how they personally engage with designated heritage objects in their metropolitan museum.

The film-makers adopted a variety of modes of interpretation. The result is a collection of films ranging from informative documentary formats to evocative and creative pieces, including performances by the young film-makers.

'As individual video shorts, each piece is an exploration of an item, exhibit or artefact as read by the film-maker. As a collection of works, the BITM showreel 'articulates' the group's interpretations in two senses: firstly it expresses their individual voices as a sequence of political 'readings' of the museum's (arte-) factuality. Secondly, and possibly more significantly, it joins together their collected works as an album of video writings back to the museum and, indeed, back to the established histories of London itself, so to speak.'
Andrew Jones, Head of Media Studies, St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College


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