New York Awards

The film Black to Yellow, directed by Chris Lamontagne, was awarded two United Nations Alliance of Civilisation Plural + Awards: the Roots&Routes Award and the Scalabrini International Migrations Network Award. 

‘When I heard that I had won these awards, it was a real shock. At first I didn't understand how my video could have so much impact, it was after hearing the comments from friends and family that I realised how powerful this video was.

It gave me a voice to express myself to a wider world to show undercover sociological aspects in western countries. It inspires me and gives me more confidence on reaching for success in life’.

To receive his Awards, Chris travelled to New York with his friend Nathan, thanks to funding from the Open Societies Foundations

The Award ceremony took place at Paley Centre for Media, New York. More information on the programme ceremony is available here and you will see all the award winning films for 2011 here. A photos album on the ceremony is available further down this page. 

It was an amazing experience. My film was screened with other films that had also received awards. They were all very good, and I was proud to be part of this selection. I met the other young film-directors who where there and we are now communicating via facebook. I want other young people to know that this is possible.

Winning these awards and the opportunity to travel to New York has shown the impact that my film has had – it’s been a huge confidence boost to me. Now I know that my voice has been heard I feel that anything is possible, the future is bright! I think the outlook for young people has been painted as pretty bleak recently – because of the cuts and changes to university funding – I want to say to other people that things are possible.

Most importantly though, I hope many people watch my film and understand its message. I hope they can react to it and open their eyes to the labels and restrictions that society places on us. People stereotype and judge each other based on where they’re from or what they do – I want people to realise that they don’t have to be what they’re expected to be.

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