Other projects

Manifesta is regularly approached to present and contribute to seminars and conferences, in order to share its experience, and contribute to influencing policy making and discourses.

Since March 1010, Manifesta was asked to contribute to a number of conferences, seminars and workshops, including the following:

- Step By Step: bringing together artists and researchers from across disciplines whose work uses, addresses, results in, or engages with walking. This seminar  focused on issues of walking and migration. University of East London, March 2016

History From Elsewhere Symposium: The use of Archives and Recollection of Memory, London Metropolitan Archives, 18 September 2015

- The future of Culture, the Future of Europe, Round Table ‘Europe, a new frontier for cultural democracy’, Forum de Chaillot, Paris, April 2014. 

Community Film-making and Cultural Diversity: Practice, Innovation and Policy, AHRC funded Research, BFI Souith Bank, January 2014 

- The Expanded Designer - Session on Power, Camberwell College of Arts, 18 November 2013

Migrants Inclusion in Cities - UNHabitat & UNESCO, innovative urban policies and practices - International Seminar, Seville, 22-24 May 2012

Platforma Conference - Rich Mix, London, 2/3 December 2011

- Banlieues d’Europe – Youth, Culture and Insertion: European Conference, Brussels November 2011 - workshop on Artistic Experiences with Young People.

Rebellious Media Conference, Media Activism and Social Change: London, 8-9 October 2011

- Promoting Youth Inclusion in Minority Ethnic, Migrant and Transnational Communities: Policy and Practice: Seminar EHRC/London South Bank University, September 2011 

- Funding Diverse Heritage Workshop – organised by the Heritage Lottery Ffund, June 2011- Presenting Breaking into the Museum as a case-study

- Migrant Integration through Media and Intercultural Dialogue conference, Budapest, May 2011, under the auspices of the Hungarian EU Presidency jointly by the Hungarian Ministry of Interior and the International Organization for Migration.

- Who's telling our stories? Unheard voices; mobilising migrants to speak up: Migrant Voice conference, London, April 2011. Workshop on innovative ideas/projects.

- Migrants, the Media and the Message (March 2010): EPIM, NEF, University of East London – European Conference, London. Workshop on ‘youth expression and portrayal: the case of ‘Belonging – London, Paris and Lisbon’.

- Art for Education! (September 2010):  International Conference organised by the Mercator Foundation, Essen (Germany). Presented ‘Breaking into the Museum’ of London.

- Metropolis (Octobe 2010): International Conference on Immigration, The Hague /Netherlands : workshop on how to use marginalised youth voices to influence policy, with Runnymede and the British Council.





Manifesta is currently developing a number of exciting projects, in the UK and in/with other European countries, both building on its existing portfolio and exploring new opportunities. 

More information will be posted here in due course.

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