Screenings, Online and Awards

Following local screeningsin at St Charles College, Octiavia Foundation, the films were shown at the Museum of London, Musée Carnavalet, and at the Mairie de Paris.

The London films are available inside the Museum of London's Galleries of Modern London. Members of the public will be able to download them and watch them by simply scanning the QR Code associated with each object chosen by the young people. 

The project and the films are also showcased on the following websites:

BBC London

ARTE Creative (Franco-German Broadcaster)

Cities of Migrations (Maytree Foundation and other foundations in Europe)

London is Cool 

The European Cultural Foundation

The Portobello Film Festival


In addition, we are very pleased that two films were nominated by the United Nations Alliance of Civilisation international competition Plural+ - and the film 'Black to Yellow' has received 2 UN Plural + Awards.

Breaking into the Museum was presented in a number of conferences, including Art for Education! Essen, September 2010, organised by the Mercator Foundation and Banlieues d'Europe Conference in Brussels, November 2011.
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