Awards and Screenings

2010 has been a good year for Belonging. The project concept and outputs are in demand from a number of organisations, ranging from governments, institutions, academia, to NGOs.

Twenty two months after the first screening launch of the films from London, Lisbon and Paris (December 2008) and the different local, national and international screenings and presentations (see Key events above, Belonging continues to attract interest -- at local, national and international level.

Awards and special recognitions

1. Following the nomination of seven Belonging films, two of them received an award from the UN Alliance of Civilisation film competition Plural + in December 2009. This also led to an article in the French magazine Respect Mag.

2. Cities of Migrations – the project has been selected by this initiative (from the Maytree Foundation, Canada) as one of 100 good ideas on integration.

3. Three Belonging films have been selected for special showcase of 12 European films, at the International documentary festival IDFA in Amsterdam, November 2010. This special showcase, called DOC NEXT focuses on the next generation of film-makers. It is a joint project between IDFA and the European Cultural Foundation.  It is anticipated that one or two young people from the Belonging project will attend the festival and a special day of discussions.

New online presence

-         BBC


-         UNESCO e-content website

-         Cities of Migrations

-         NECE – Networking for European Citizenship Education

-         European Cultural Foundation Vimeo WebPages

New screenings


-         New York UN Paley Centre for Media;

-         Vilnius Conference Centre;

-         The Hague Cities of Migrations conference and Metropolis conference Centre;

-         Cinemas in the city of Amsterdam during IDFA Festival (attached at the front of a professional documentary in competition)

Conferences and workshops


-         Webinar conference, Maytree Foundation, December 2009

-         Networking for European Citizenship Education, Vilnius, December 2009

-         Migrants, the Media and the Message, University of East London, March  2010

-         Metropolis, The Hague, October 2010 - with Runnymede and the British Council

-         Taking PART, South Bank Centre, Goldsmith University, London, October 2010

-         Inclusive cities for all : urban policies and creative practices for migrants/UNESCO/UNHABITAT  - Mexico, November 2010 (film screening only for this conference)

Screenings in France, thanks to Belonging French partner Tribudom


-         Les Pépites du Cinéma Festival, La Courneuve (Paris Suburb), December 2009

-         Generation Court Festival, Aubervilliers , December 2009

-         Forum des Images, Paris, January 2010 (organised by our partner Tribudom)

-         Ciné-Club of Direction Politique de la Ville, Mairie de Paris, March 2010

-         Ciné-Club of Ecole National Supérieure Lettres et Sciences Humaines, Paris, october 2010

A consequence of the Plural + recognition is that a selection of c.7 Belonging films has been touring internationally in the Plural + package

-         BaKaFORUM Film Festival, Switzerland

-         COPEAM Annual Conference, Cyprus

-         4th Forum of the UN Alliance of Civilizations, Qatar

-         Royal Film Commission of Jordan Film Festival, Jordan

-         WithoutBrodersFilmFestival, Italy

-         Cine y Salud, Spain

-         Roots and Routes, Germany

-         CHINH India Kids Film Festival, India

-         Havana Film Festival , Cuba

-         SunChild Festival, Armenia

-         MEC, Serbia

With the following broadcast opportunities


-         Canal Futura

-         AlJadeed Television

-         The Royal Film Commission of Jordan

-         United Nations Television (UNTV)

-         CHINH Early Education Web Channel

-         CHINH Community Web Channel

-         RAI TV Italy

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