Jun 1, 2016

We need your help!

Following a successful pilot, we are currently preparing the next stage of ‘In My Footsteps’.

As part of this process, we need to gather some feedback from as many people as possible on the ‘In My Footsteps’ app, so that we can take this into account as part of our new plans.

We would be very grateful if you could please answer the survey – a few rapid questions) – below. It will take only short time and it will be very helpful to preparing a follow-up project.

Just copy and past the questions below in an email and write your responses below to each question, and send to marion[at]


Age :                Gender :                               

Appearance and accessibility:

Did you find the app intuitive and easy to use?


Is there anything that could be added to make it more user-friendly?


How attractive do you think the design is?



What is good about the content of the app?


How could we improve it?


Is there anything missing?


Do you recommend the app to others (friends, colleagues, etc.)?


How do you use the app: (i) as a web app, (ii) as an app on your mobile phone or tablet, or (iii) both?


Did you use the app ‘in the field’ in the East End -  as an actual walking tour guide? If so…

  • did you encounter any connection problems?
  • was the map and your geo-location accurate?

Do you have any other comments?


Please copy and past your answer in an email to marion[at] 

Thanks very much!

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